Anarchist Black Cross Wien



Anarchist Black Cross (ABC)
Postfach 173
1100 Wien

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Weitere Informationen

ABC is a collective of groups, which are in part organized in networks, and in part loosley connected together. The main focus lies in the support of social and political prisoners and dealing with the prison system and repression from an anarchist point of few. As well as actions of solidarity (letter-exchange with prisoners, demonstrations and gatherings, providing financial support, organising legal support, supporting the relatives of prisoners, etc.). Although focus is not only on prisons form the anarchist and social movement. There is the attempt to critizise the prison system in a broader context, and actively support.

The ABC is also a network created for the prisoners out of the anarchist movement and social struggles, to fall back on. As Anarchists we see the prison as an instrument of control by the state and we are convinced that the state and its institutions have to be abolished. Our image of how society should be organized does not base itself on the principles of control and punishment, but instead works on the basis of mutual aid and solidarity. We believe that the origins of most 'criminal actions' lie in the field of conflict between the state and the masses, and are not inherent in human beings, but are a product of the capitalist industrial society.